Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna

Since its foundation in 1978 the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna has established itself with splendid performances at music festivals, TV-concerts and worldwide tours, as well as with its CD- and DVD-recordings as an internationally renowned ensemble for the authentic interpretation of Viennese music. Due to its permanent cast, also with a new generation of highly qualified and experienced musicians, the orchestra can assert its leading position with highest artistic claims since more than 30 years.

Peter Guth, the internationally renowned Johann Strauss specialist shares the musical direction with his younger colleague Willy Büchler, concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony. True to the tradition of the Strauss-Dynasty, they both conduct also playing the violin. With 21 guest performances up to now, the SFO belongs to the favorites of the Japanese audience. The musicians from Vienna also caused quite a stir as pioneers of cultural exchange with China, which they have visited 14 times since 1993. In recent years they have captured the audiences of Eastern Europe’s concert halls with spectacular successes from Bucharest, Kiev and Minsk to St. Petersburg, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

Highlights in the orchestra’s history include regular appearances in the major musical centers and collaborations with prominent soloists, such as the 1999 Strauss-anniversary TV-Gala in the Wiener Musikverein with legendary film star Gregory Peck as the host. Since the millennium 2000 the annual New Year’s Galas of the Strauss Festival Orchestra in the Grand Hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus are a fixed part of the Viennese concert calendar. Live CD-recordings and 2010 also on DVD are a representative testimonial to this. Stylistic truth and genuine sound, Viennese charm and the joy of playing music are characteristic features of the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna. It receives enthusiastic acclaim everywhere and conveys the timeless fascination of Viennese music.